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As u (have) seen, I'm an award winning creative director and I've handled MOBILE as a form of media while creating international campaigns.

I have also implemented Mobile apps in many other creative ways. Thus, I understand your burgeoning niche rather organically.


I was the Design Director on this project. I staffed up the design department with the pecuniary support of Accenture (the VC on this venture).

I did the original frames for the site and even oversaw the engineers as they turned the key on the engine for the site. I consulted on the Service Pro products as well and helped package the outbound software and media. I helped hire the same interface design team who built the NYC Subway kiosks - and many more duties as a creative delegate.

ALSO: I'm sure you remember ATG? I had the pleasure of working at the MIT Media Lab (freelance) and met the leader of an aspiring start up called Art Technology Group.  Jeet Singh and his company would go on to become a billion dollar wall street darling and subsequently got swallowed up by Oracle.

Suffice to say, I know your market! Perhaps I can help you with your next creative pitch and add some unique value as an ( outsider ) to ur process? Every time I've done this sort of thing it has had impressive results for the client.

Kind Regards,