Branded Entertainment and Dev Projects // With firms like +Gutierrez in LA, BKLTD helped
package and pitch a variey of bundled, scripts and proposals to potential investors including
Hollywood giants like Plan B and Cruise/Wagner to non-traditional Wall Street types.

+Reality TV: The Man Food Show (w/Chopped Champion Jason Zukas) - An innovative cooking
show that only real men would love!
+Reality TV: America's Next Top Adman w/actor Vaughn Lowery of JoBoxer and Americas Next
Top Model fame) - Aided in the development of an innovative new series written and hosted by the
actor himself.
+Reality TV: Slates featuring Johnny Fairplay (star of Survivor, most popular Reality show in the
history of genre) As I know John personally, we teamed up on slates to pitch for his entertainment
+Reality TV: Project Headlight (featuring renown, super-star car designer Camilo Pardo and other
international talent) - Concept follows the real life process of designing cars for top companies like
Ford and Ferrari.
+Reality TV: STRIP POKER w/ Carmen Electra - Classic poker series with some sexy overtones,
hosted by one of the most beautiful sirens in the business.
+We raised over 17M$ towards various Hollywood film slates.

** Serious inquiries will please ask for case studies, decks and references

18 recommendations available upon request